Terpenes and the Holiday of Love

This V-Day you no doubt have some “sexy time” on your mind – but on this special day, you want to spice things up a bit! It’s time to experiment by adding a little cannabis into your play time. 


We’ve talked a lot about CBD vs THC and Indica vs Sativa. NOW it’s time to introduce you to terpenes! Terpenes are aromatic oils found in the cannabis plant, they are noted most easily by their distinctive flavors/scents like citrus, berry, or pine. But research is starting to show that terpenes may play a major role in what effects you feel from each cannabis strain (more research needs to be done on this, but you can find some great info at this link – https://www.leafly.ca/news/cannabis-101/cannabis-entourage-effect-why-thc-and-cbd-only-medicines-arent-g)


How does this relate to sex? Is a really great question! Some terpenes have proven to be quite the companion in the bedroom and we’ll break them down for you here:

Limonene – Known for its distinct lemon scent and flavor, this terpene is often found in Sativa strains and it gives a light, airy sense of euphoria and relaxation. I mean, sounds good to me!!

Linalool – Gives off a very similar effect to limonene, but also adds in the benefit of antidepressant qualities. 

That being said, there is one terpene you might want to try to avoid! Myrcene is a heavy hitter, giving that couch lock effect of the Indica. A lack of energy and motivation is not how you want to characterize your love making sesh! 


We have tons of amazing strains on our shelves that are definitely perfect for helping you get it on this Valentines day! Head in store for some suggestions from our Budtenders or take a look below.

Get that healthy dose of linalool with a convenient preroll! You’ll find this terpene in high doses in Haven St. Blueberry Kush or Edison’s La Strada (we have this one in a 3 pack), or pick up an ⅛ of Amnesia Haze.

Get freaky with a limonene heavy Hybrid – try out DNA’s Lemon Skunk. Or take things a little easier with the CBD-THC balanced Penelope by Tweed.














Sources – non-scientific – more research needs to be done on these ideas and these can’t be taken as fact at the moment – however it is incredibly interesting and exciting to learn more about this plant we love so much.