Meet 7Acres

January 27, 2020 ,

High end, hand crafted cannabis by 7Acres.

To these folks, cannabis isn’t just some plant, it’s a beautiful piece of nature that deserves to be respected. They’re passionate to their core about growing cannabis for cannabis enthusiasts. With uncompromising standards they’re driving change for the better and creating a consistent experience with their plants. From specially selected genetics, to specifically curated grow techniques, to their tried and true curing process – high end cannabis is their calling.

7Acres aims to make their product a celebration with every flick of the bic! When you choose 7Acres, your choosing a future where cannabis only gets better.

We’ve brought in 4 strains from the 7Acres family. On our shelves you’ll find* the earthy hybrid White Widow, the citrus and sweet indica Sensi Star, the citrus and woody hybrid Jean Guy, and the spicy sweet sativa Jack Haze. These guys are flying out the door, make sure you stop by and get yours for the long weekend!

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*stock may be limited or unavailable depending on the day